The forex market (or exchange market) is the world’s largest market. Here, currencies worth almost US$3 trillion are bought and sold on a daily basis. Moreover, the market is characterized by high liquidity, with traders being able to open and close positions within seconds. These factors cause regular fluctuations in currency prices, making it difficult for an individual to keep track of exchange rates. Hence, the need for an exchange rate calculator. A forex calculator is a type of financial calculator that offers a quick and easy way to convert any currency to another.

Exchange Rate Calculator
There are various types of exchange calculators that help businesses, travelers and traders get current information in a convenient way. These include: Shortlist Currency Calculators: While there are close to 200 currencies being traded in the forex market, most traders deal in only a handful of them. Over 85% of all daily transactions in the forex market involve trading in the major currencies - US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. A large number of currencies are not commonly used in international trade. A shortlist currency calculator is a forex calculator that supports only the most common currencies. These calculators are updated frequently and provide fairly accurate conversions.

Longform Currency Calculators: These calculators support a variety of currencies, including the lesser known currencies. Longform currency calculators typically provide conversions between 50 currencies. These calculators are more cumbersome to use and are costlier than the shortlist currency calculators.

Budget Calculator
A budget calculator helps individuals and business organizations to keep track of all the sources of income and items of expenditure. A variety of budget software, with features developed to facilitate budget planning, is available in the market. A budget spreadsheet can be useful in listing savings accounts.

The most important function of a budget calculator is that it shows the difference between the budgeted and actual amounts at any given point in time. Also, it can be programmed to pop up alerts when one spends more than the resources allocated. There are other features that help in the allocation of money for spending, keeping the purpose of savings intact. One can instantly calculate what percent of the income has been saved at any point in time.
Biweekly mortgage calculator
his biweekly mortgage calculator shows the possible savings by using an accelerated biweekly mortgage payment. By paying half the monthly payment every two weeks.. This simple technique can take years off the mortgage loan and save thousands of dollars in interest charges.
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